Buyers interface (raw mockup)

Buyer - Search sellers - overview
1. Local escorts overview
Buyer - seller details
2. Selected escort details
Buyer - Sellers menu
3. Insert booking details
Buyer - Confirm order
4. Confirm booking and pay
Buyer - Request sent
5. Booking request confirmation







Sellers interface (raw mockup)

Seller - booking requests overview
1. Received booking requests overview
Seller - booking request details
2. Details about a booking request
Seller - Confirm booking
3. Confirm booking
Seller - Booking confirmed
4. Receipt


What problems does our app solve?

We can continue to fight the dirty side of the sex-industry, or we can change the way we buy sex.

We promote masseuses and escorts of asian origin, sexual services and female attention while moving the sex-market in a healthy direction.

Our mission is to improve the life and business of asian sex-workers and make life more fun for men.


Escorts: lack of independence

  • Problem: Bad customers and lack of independence. Girls are lacking independence because they are under the control of an agency, or a “pimp”. This causes some escorts to be overworked and underpaid, and unbalanced working hours and customers she is uncomfortable with.
  • Solution: The Joop interface will be as simple as a dating app. All non-tech-savvy escorts will be capable of starting and managing their own business. This means that they no longer are under the influence of an agency or a “pimp”. The escort can even filter out the bad customers by accepting or rejecting any customer before meeting – by accepting or declining the booking request.
  • Problem: Unhealthy lifestyle and bad influence. Most escorts do not have the knowledge or skills to market themselves, so instead they choose the quick solution which means the street or the nightclub (or an agency/pimp). This damages their health and lower their lifestyle quality and sometimes they get “bad influence-friends”.
  • Solution: Again, the Joop interface will be as simple as a dating app. All non-tech-savvy escorts will be capable of starting and managing their own business. The escort can be in the gym working on her health while receiving a booking request. Then she can screen the requesting customers information and photos, and click “accept” if she wants. Or she can visit her grandparents and still receive booking requests very discretely.
  • Conflicts and misunderstandings between escort and customer regarding what services and prices were agreed. Sometimes the customer refuses to pay the agreed amount, because of a misunderstanding. Sometimes the customer want more service than what he paid for, which causes a bad vibe and if the customer decides to leave without paying, it is a loss of money for the escort.
  • Solution: Joop has a very easy and simple booking system. The customer mark the boxes (services) he wants, and then book&pay the actual price. Then he receives a confirmation that clearly shows what he ordered. Now, money is already paid and there are no more misunderstandings about what exact services was ordered.
  • The customers cancel bookings. This leaves an empty spot in the escorts calendar, and if there’s not enough time to find a new customer, then she is losing money.
  • Solution: Joop requires the customer to pay the full amount when sending a booking request. If the customer decides to cancel, he is refunded 70{21af810093ce710e816851f46148544a4171fd2c2dd157154dbea92b30dd75fb} of the full amount immediately. The rest 30{21af810093ce710e816851f46148544a4171fd2c2dd157154dbea92b30dd75fb} is released to the escort, so she is secured money.
  • Human trafficking/sex slavery. Girls all over the world are lured into sex slavery by traffickers.
  • Solution: A face-recognizing software will be implemented in the verification process, so when an escort is signing up, the escort herself has to be present to register in Joop. Furthermore, the only way to extract earned money from the Joop-account, is to transfer them to the bank account in her own name. This makes it difficult, or even impossible, for a human trafficker to take advantage of the Joop app, and as Joop grows in popularity, human traffickers will find it more and more challenging to find customers, resulting in a considerable decrease in sex trafficking.
  • Crime. Theft, rape, violence, kidnapping, other.
  • Solution: All customers have to go through a verification process to identify themselves when signing up for the service. This information makes it possible for the Joop-team, in any case of crime, to instantly identify the customer involved.

Customer: lack of trust and value

  • Scammers and thieves. In some areas it can be a gamble to trust an escort. Some escorts intention is simply to drug the customer and then steal his values. This behavior is illegal and unfair. In Vietnam notorious pimps waits outsite the hotelroom and wait for the customer, only to steal his values. In Brazil, some escorts drug tourists and steal their values.
  • Solution: Customers can review escorts within Joop using text and star-rating. So when the customer are searching for a local escort, he can read the reviews from earlier customers before requesting for a booking. This will quickly filter out the bad apples and make room for the good apples. If an escort receives more 1 star-reviews, the Joop-team review the legitimacy of the reviews based on the escorts and reviewers account information and IP addresses and decides wether or not to remove the “bad apple escort”.
  • Some escorts have photoshopped photos and/or gives bad service. Sometimes the customer book an escort with expectations based on the escorts ad, but when they meet, the customer receives an escort with different looks than the one he thought he booked. And her service is amateurish, unsatisfying and a waste of his money.
  • Solution: The customer can see reviews from earlier customers. The star-rating will show earlier customers ratings for her photos compared to real-life looks and ratings for her service. The customer can also read text-reviews from earlier customers to read more details.
  • It’s too difficult for the customer to find the type of escort and service he want to book. The escort market is spread out on directories, websites, social media, massage parlors and nightlife. It’s like a jungle. Hours and money is wasted by looking for an escort the customer wants, and sometimes by booking the wrong escort with unsatisfying surprises.
  • Solution: Joop gives the customer a quick and simple overview of nearby escorts, and he can filter them all by availability, nationality, price, services, age, height, weight, language and star-rating. In this way, he can find the exact type of escort he wants in a few seconds.
  • Crime. Theft, rape, violence, kidnapping, other.
  • Solution: All escorts have to go through a verification process to identify themselves when signing up for the service. This information makes it possible for the Joop-team, in any case of crime, to instantly identify the escort involved.

A verification process like the above described together with the market accepting Joops app as the best and only recommended way to book an escort, opens up an opportunity to decrease sex-related human trafficking considerably.

Escorts will achieve more independence, balance and freedom.

Customers will have “a paradise in his smartphone” – better and more personalized service while having a better taste in his mouth (metaphorically).

We’re not only promoting sale of sex. We’re creating balance in the market where criminals are filtered out and professionals will thrive.