As a health and beauty insider you don’t need us to tell you how important first impressions can be, but with thousands of other spas and salons on site it’s important you make the effort to stand out. Make sure your venue is looking pretty as a picture – and that you’re showing off its full potential – by uploading some eye catching and inspiring images with our gallery function.

Keeping your venue page looking smart has many benefits, but images allow prospective customers to visualise their experience at your salon and can actually make the difference between them booking an appointment and looking elsewhere.

If photography’s not your forte, don’t worry. You don’t need a fancy camera or expensive lighting, just take a look at our easy guide to taking inspiring pictures. Say cheese…

Make it inspiring
A pair of scissors or bottle of nail polish might illustrate what your salon does but it won’t make customers want to go there. Images of the salon or spa itself are far more inspiring and give customers an idea of what a visit to you will be like.

Keep it clear
A poor quality image suggests a poor quality salon. If the pictures you have on display are fuzzy or dark prospective customers won’t be able to imagine having a pleasant experience there. Make sure the room is well lit and experiment with your flash setting to see what produces the clearest image– don’t rely on auto-settings.

Show your best side
Focus on the most attractive and inviting areas of your salon and be sure to tidy up beforehand. Try to look at the photos you have taken as if you are a prospective customer and ask yourself, does anything look messy or out of place?

Try a wide shot
If you’re trying to get a shot of an entire room stand in a doorway or as far into the corner of a room as possible, and angle the camera to make sure the most interesting part of the scene is in the centre and you’re not capturing too much floor or ceiling.

Get some perspective
Experiment with a few different vantage points to see which angle best suits your salon. Try standing on a chair or crouching on the floor to get different perspectives making for more interesting images and often creating the illusion of space.